City Serve North Dakota: Main Street Clean Up Makes Downtown Minot Shine!


June 28, 2023


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City Serve North Dakota and Local Volunteers Transform Downtown Minot: A Heartfelt Appreciation from DBPA


At the DBPA (Downtown Business and Professional Association), we are constantly inspired by the incredible efforts of our community members and organizations that strive to enhance the beauty and vitality of downtown Minot. This year, we had the privilege of witnessing the outstanding collaboration between City Serve North Dakota and several churches across the state. Their dedication and commitment to our city resulted in numerous impactful projects taking place throughout Minot. In particular, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation for the Main Street Clean Up project, which brought together a remarkable group of volunteers who worked tirelessly to make downtown Minot shine.

Revitalizing Main Street

On May 31st, downtown Minot experienced a remarkable transformation as the Main Street Clean Up project unfolded. Under the inspiring leadership of City Serve North Dakota, a passionate team of approximately 30 volunteers gathered to tackle the task at hand – picking up trash and pulling weeds along Main Street. Their collective efforts breathed new life into our beloved downtown, making it a more inviting and beautiful space for all.

The Power of Collaboration

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to City Serve North Dakota for their collaboration and partnership with the City of Minot. Thanks to this fruitful alliance, the City of Minot provided essential resources, such as trash bags and gloves, to all the dedicated volunteers. This exemplifies the spirit of teamwork and highlights the City’s commitment to fostering community engagement and the enhancement of downtown Minot. We are truly grateful for their support and dedication to our shared vision of creating a vibrant and attractive city center.

Celebrating Community Volunteers

The DBPA wishes to express our profound admiration and appreciation for the volunteers who wholeheartedly participated in the Main Street Clean Up project. Their unwavering enthusiasm and selflessness are truly inspiring. By dedicating their time and energy to cleaning and beautifying our downtown area, these incredible individuals have demonstrated their deep love for our community and their commitment to making a tangible difference.

A Transformed Downtown Minot

The Main Street Clean Up project not only created a cleaner and more appealing environment but also fostered a renewed sense of pride and unity within our community. The collective impact of City Serve North Dakota, the City of Minot, and the dedicated volunteers was nothing short of remarkable. Their collaboration and hard work have revitalized our downtown, leaving a lasting impression on residents and visitors alike.

A Heartfelt Thank You!

The DBPA extends our sincerest appreciation to City Serve North Dakota, the City of Minot, and the dedicated volunteers who participated in the Main Street Clean Up project. Through their unwavering commitment, passion, and collaboration, downtown Minot has experienced a remarkable transformation. We are inspired by their efforts and remain committed to working alongside them to create an even more vibrant, inviting, and prosperous downtown for our community. Together,

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