Board Meeting


November 17, 2022 3:00 pm | In Person
Commission on Aging

*Meeting Minutes are available to Members only.

Meeting Agenda

UPDATE: Postponed to Thursday November 17th @ 3pm!

SPECIAL NOTE: Hard stop at 4 PM requested by Commission on Aging

1) Call to order

a. Roll Call

2) Minutes/Last Meeting

3) Financials

a. Membership Update

4) President’s Report

a. EPIC Membership

i. $2,500.00 Investor Membership

ii. Originally Signed for $3,500-Misunderstanding

b. Trinity Health Magic Fund Request

5) Nicole DesRosier

a. Office Space Update

b. Activity Report

6) Membership Committee Report

7) Event Committee Report

a. Christmas Open House

b. MAFB Christmas Spouse Tour

i. December 1, 2022

c. CP Holiday Train- December 17-6:15-7:15

i. Possible Depot Event

8) Old Business

9) New Business

a. Holiday Hours?

i. Retail Coach Information

b. Gift Card Promotion

c. Downtown Lighting

d. Membership Meeting

i. Date in January

e. Wayfinding Update

f. Other

g. Other

10) Website Review

a. Went Live

11) Move to Adjourn

a. Next DBPA Board Meeting

i. November 10, 3 PM, Commission For Aging

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