About Minot's DBPA

Minot’s Downtown Business & Professional Association (we call ourselves the DBPA or sometimes just ‘Downtown Minot’) is a 501 C (6) member-supported business association. We’ve been around a long time, and what makes us unique is that our mission isn’t member-focused, it’s Minot-focused. Our members support us because we support Minot, and what’s good for Minot and downtown is good for our members.

In essence, we’re here to support the downtown district that holds both the heart and history of the Magic City. Spelled out specifically, this is our mission: “The Minot DBPA is organized for the purpose of advocating for and supporting Minot’s central business district as the region’s center of commerce, culture, and civics.”

That’s a big broad mission, no doubt. In day-to-day practice, it boils down to making noise about downtown in lots of different ways. From our only-in-Minot, unique businesses to the many events hosted downtown to the intangible, quality-of-life factors that so naturally give rise to ‘community’, downtown Minot truly matters more. We’ve made it our mission to make sure everyone knows it and understands why!

DBPA Leadership

board of directors

The DBPA Board of Directors are made up of five at-large Directors from the membership and one Director each from our Food & Beverage, Retail, Property Owner, and Investor members. Board terms are for three years. The Board officer positions are reorganized annually.

Elections for at-large Director positions take place at the annual membership meeting held in January.

In essence, we’re here to support the downtown district that holds both the heart and history of the Magic City. Spelled out specifically, this is our mission: “The Minot DBPA is organized for the purpose of advocating for and supporting Minot’s central business district as the region’s center of commerce, culture, and civics.”

Chad Wright

NHS College in New Town, ND
President (At-Large, 2026)

I moved to North Dakota from Arizona in 2013 to be closer to my young son. I felt that the downtown areas of North Dakota were incredibly charming and reminded me of my childhood growing up in Ohio. Once moving to Minot, I wanted to get more involved in the Downtown Business Professional Association and volunteered on the DBPA Events Committee. I really enjoyed helping plan the events and felt like I was contributing to the success of Downtown Minot. When I presented with the opportunity to sit on the Board of Directors, I was excited about the opportunity because I have so much passion for downtown.

I am currently the Marketing Specialist for NHS College in New Town, North Dakota. I really enjoy my work because over the years I have developed a passion for Tribal Education. 

I remarried in 2021 and now my wife and I have four boys all together and grandchildren. We like attending downtown events, sporting events, and traveling. We adore our Chocolate Labrador Retriever Tank and our cat Bucky.
See You Downtown!


Vice President (At-Large, 2024)

Casey Klein grew up in Tuttle, ND and graduated from the University of Mary in Bismarck. She has resided in Minot for more than 20 years along with her husband Greg and is currently the owner of Cookies For You. In her spare time she enjoys spending time at the lake and with her grandchildren.


Tyler Parks

aspire credit union
Treasurer (At-Large, 2026)

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Melinda Howe

Ascend Wellness
Secretary (At-Large) (2026)

Melinda Howe MNA, CRNA, FNP-C, APRN owner and provider at Ascend Wellness. Born and raised in Minot, Melinda began her nursing journey at Minot State University in Minot and worked for Trinity Medical Center in Minot’s Intensive Care and Criticair Flight Program for several years. Melinda decided to pursue anesthesia as her specialty because of her intense interest in the field, She attended the prestigious Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences, earning her Advanced Practice Nursing degree with a specialization in anesthesiology. 

Adding to her training, Melinda underwent further instruction in ketamine therapy and IV hydration and nutrition at the online Ketamine and IV Nutritional Academy. She is also AFMCP certified in Functional Medicine via the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and recently dual certified in Advanced Practice Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner at the University of Cincinnati. 

She spent several years gaining invaluable experience at a variety of hospitals and surgical practices across the United States in a Chief Anesthetist role before returning home to the Minot community and subsequently opening Ascend Wellness in the fall of 2021 and more recently Ascend Wellness FIT Studio in 2024. 

Ascend Wellness offers a variety of integrative care services and merchandise for optimal health and wellness and she is so happy to call downtown Minot home for her businesses.


Board Member

Born in the small town of Maddock, ND, we used to come to Minot to Main Medical to the “eye doctor”. When we finished we always took a stroll down Main Street and would be extremely happy when Mom said she needed to stop at Woolworths, known to us as the store with the escalator. In 1976, after graduating from the University of North Dakota with a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science, I met my wife, Sue, who was just graduating from Minot State University in nursing. 3 boys and 44 years later, we still live and love Minot, North Dakota. 

Recently I started working for the Northern Sentry, which is the Minot Air Force Base newspaper. I have a new passion, besides writing, as a liaison between Downtown Minot and Minot Air Force Base. It has been exciting to see Minot grow, and more exciting to be able to create friendships between the community and the base.

Summer weekends you will more than likely find me sailing on Lake Sakakawea. When the boat is out of the water Sue and I look for reasons to travel to Fargo to visit our 4 grandchildren.


Board Member

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Denise Lindbo

Gourmet Chef & Highair Ground
Board Member

Denise Lindbo owner of Gourmet Chef for the past 30 years and HighAir Ground Trampoline Park for the past 6. Member of the DBPA, Bread of Life church, and mother of two amazing sons ages 15 and 21. Past board of the Renaissance Zone and Minot Lions club, Power of the Purse and Women United. Enjoy spending time with my sons, traveling, sports, and time outside with my 14 year old dog, Jazz.

Margie Bolton

Margie’s Art Glass Studio & The Black Iguana
Board Member

On a personal note, I am married; to my husband Ted of 46 years. We have three children; Sarah, Beka and Eddie. I was raised on Long Island, NY, with many wonderful memories of the ocean, sun and sand. Ted and I have lived in North Dakota for 45 great years where we have raised our children and have kept our home. After 19 years of being a stay home mom I rejoined the work force in the form of a small business owner.

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